Antique Copper Lined Cigar Humidor Stand with Double Magazine Rack – SOLD

IMG_2989 (1024x681)

Copper Lined Humidor c1920

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c1920 Antique Copper Lined Cigar Humidor

Although I am not a cigar smoker, I can appreciate the history of a good cigar.  Prior to Air Conditioners and Disinfectant technology, cigars were subjected to fluctuating temperatures and uncontrolled humidity conditions; hence creating bacteria filled tobacco.  Pretty bad, huh?

This particular smoking stand was created to preserve tobacco.  Copper was used because it was biostatic – simply explained, bacteria will not grow on copper.  This allowed the tobacco to remain fresh and bacteria free.


IMG_2991 (1024x683)

Antique Copper LIned Humidor with Double Magazine Racks

This handsome piece is presented in its original antique condition.  The natural patina has not been stripped or disturbed to preserve its original appeal.  This particular stand has a lot of detail and is very good condition.  A few scratches in the wood are very minor.  The double magazine racks provides additional storage, perfect for an office or living room.


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