Antique Frames – SOLD

Antique picture frames have incredible character.  The antique frames (pictures and mirrors) found in our store are all made out of wood and many times, the carvings are beautifully detailed.

Take a journey to discover the before and after photos of these beautiful 15 1/2′ x 19 1/2″ (opening) ¬†frames.


photo 3 (10)photo 1 (18)photo 2 (20)photo (4)photo 1 (19)photo (5)

2 Responses to “Antique Frames – SOLD

  • Is the beautiful blue frame above, still available? If so…could you tell me the price? Thanks

    • Hi Kim – This particular frame was SOLD, however, I could replicate the look and color with another frame I have in stock. The price for the antique frames are $95. I have Antique Oval Frames available and can transform them with using the same color and finishing technique used as the one you like. I hope you are enjoying the oval marbled top lamp table you purchased this past week!


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