Rococo Revival Victorian Sofa

The Victorian Era provided the introduction of the NEW Middle Class.  With the the developing Middle Class families, came the introduction of the Industrial Revolution; massed produced anything (furniture, clothing, etc) that was considered popular.

Described by many as “Imposing”, the Victorian Style of Velvet and Brocade fabrics with Regency influences of curves and incised designs,  provided reflections of financial health.  For the first time, the well known phrase of “keeping up with the Joneses” was created to convey new wealth.  A home furnished with Victorian influences exuded a nice sophistication and class.

This Rococo Revival Victorian Sofa is now available at Vintage Barn Boutique, c 1870’s and is in Excellent Condition.


photo 2 (22)

Rococo Revival Victorian Sofa

photo 3 (11)

Rococo Sofa with Brocade Fabric


Victorian Brocade Upholstery

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Mahogany Incised Designs




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