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Vintage Barn Boutique
108 E. Middle Street
Chelsea, MI 48118
Phone: (734) 748-2332

Located in Chelsea, Michigan’s historic commercial district.

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  • I am interested in your vintage cherry dresser set, do you ship to New York?

  • Hi Cherie,

    The Vintage Cherry dresser set has been sold. Unfortunately, we currently do not provide shipping services for items/furniture. Furniture is for local pick up only.

  • do you buy vintage furniture?

    • Hi Joyce, A simple answer is yes and no. Please note I do not purchase furniture based on Retail values. I do offer consignment for items that do not qualify for a direct purchase. The consigned items must be in very good condition with normal wear and tear and no fabric stains. I would suggest you send me a photo of your furniture either to my email address at or text the photo to my cell phone at (734) 788-7100. I will make an offer if the item would work in the store.

  • Cathy,
    My mother just passed away, leaving me with the responsibility of settling her estate. Part of that estate consists of jewelry (not overly expensive), several collectible beer steins and figurines, and several glass paperweights. Would you be in a position of assigning value to such things, or know of a person who I might talk to?

    • Hi Eric – It depends…. Please contact me this afternoon at (734) 788-7100 to discuss this further. There are a couple of different avenues you could take. I look forward to speaking to you and helping you find the best avenue for your Mother’s items.

  • do you take consignment pieces… antiques….

  • do you have any wood fireplace surrounds…particularly looking for antique mahogony ?????

  • I have a shabby chic console table. Chalk painted gray on the top, white legs.
    Do you think you could sell it?

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