Refurbished Serving Tray – Annie Sloan

tray close up afterOne of the most important aspects of going to an Auction, is the ability to see beyond the decades of neglect and dirt on possible treasures.  I originally saw this serving tray sitting in a corner with stacks of old papers and books on top of it.  Although the wood was in good condition, the finishes were worn off in many spots.  The wood also had a slight offensive smell; similar to a musty attic.

Serving tray before front


I decided to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint  to bring life back into this beautiful curved serving tray. I chose 2 different colors; Emperor’s Silk and Graphite.  Although you really don’t have to clean the wood first, I did wash the wood to get rid of the musty odor.  I decided to give the serving tray  a rustic finish all over with a very smooth, shiny red finish on the serving tray itself.


Here is the finished product; perfect for entertaining.



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