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IMG_3209I love finding antique treasures.  Especially those that are discarded and thrown away.  This bookshelf was sold at an Ann Arbor Auction, but because it was broken, I was able to get it for a steal.  The wood was in rough shape, one of the boards had been broken, and the screws were stripped.  But, the wood was solid.

I decided this was going to be a project for my Dad and I to work on together.  I think my Dad thought I was crazy when I brought over the broken pieces and said, “Isn’t it gorgeous?”  He just laughed as we stood there, hands on hips, looking at the “gorgeous” heap of wood.  It didn’t take long before my Dad was busy gathering his tools, screws and glue.  Since this was going to be used as a display for my Antiques and Vintage items, the pressure was off in trying to preserve the patina.  The wood was indeed beautiful, but years of abuse and neglect made it impossible to restore to its original condition.  IMG_3211

My Dad did a fantastic job putting the pieces together again and when finished,  I loved it even more.  This solid bookshelf definitely needed a paint job – and so it was my turn to put life back into it.  The wood was incredibly dry and it took multiple coats of paint to finally get an even finish.   Take a look at the finished bookshelf.


IMG_3214IMG_3219 The yellow finish provides a neutral pallet to display an array of colorful dishes.  The dishes on display are from the Vintage Barn Boutique Collection and are available for sale.  The dishes are pink and are Depression Style Glassware.

Who said Bookshelves were made to display books?




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  • Wow! What a difference a paint job makes! What a beautiful job. I think you can make anything look good!

    • Thank you! I could not have done it without Dad’s help. I’m so happy that it turned out so well. What a difference, right? Now, about that chair…..

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