Antique Victorian Mahogany Roseback Parlor Chair c1860’s

Chair BeforeThis Victorian 1860’s Victorian Ladies Parlor Chair has been my biggest project to date.  When I found this beautiful chair, the frame was broken on two sides.  It looked as though someone stacked a heavy piece of furniture on top of the chair, and it snapped.  The fabric was filthy due to years of attic storage and fortunately for me, nobody wanted it.

I decided this would be a great project for my Dad and I to work on together.  My Dad is a retired engineer by trade and has an extensive background in Home Improvement and Remodeling projects.  I didn’t know if refurbishing this chair was going to be worth the effort, but I had to try.

Broken frame

In order to make the necessary repairs, we had to align the break and use screws to secure the frame.  Once we did this, we noticed the springs underneath the chair needed to be repaired as well.  Now, this was a challenge that neither my Dad nor I, could have anticipated the level of difficulty.  The webbing used to hold the springs in place had completely deteriorated.  Each spring was independent of the other and out of 7 springs, only 1 was vertical.  The challenge was to tie each spring so it would operate in unison.  My Dad created a tool to compress the springs while I attached webbing strips to secure each spring.  Once the strap was in place, I tied each spring to the other to create the uniform function of the springs.  Now, multiply this by 7 strips….Phew!


We painstakingly saved the batting, upholstery and trim so we could bring it back to its original beauty.  We could tell the previous owner had reupholstered the chair at some point in time, but the fabric was vintage and still  in good condition.  The Mahogany wood is original and estimated mid 19th century so there was a lot  wear and tear.  I considered using wood putty to fill the cracks and crevices but decided to keep the wood in its original condition.

You can see the photos of the finished project.  This Antique Victorian Mahogany Rose Parlor Chair is definitely one of my personal favorites.

2 Responses to “Antique Victorian Mahogany Roseback Parlor Chair c1860’s

  • Love this chair!! Great story to go with it as well! If you need a place to keep it I have space!

    Keep up the great work!

  • It is amazing what you and Dad can do! The chair is gorgeous.

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