Re-purposing Vintage Items

Whenever I find a damaged piece of furniture or other worn out/discarded items, I am immediately drawn to its potential.  This is when my imagination takes over and I cannot wait to begin the re-purposing process.

The first thing to do is to make sure the furniture  pieces can be repaired.  Most things can be, but you have to judge time and effort.   Simple table top scratches can be easily repaired by using a simple recipe of Olive Oil and White Distilled Vinegar (1/2 cup Olive Oil with 1/2 cup Vinegar).  Mix together and dip a clean soft rag into the mix and rub into the wood (with the grain).  It conditions and enriches the wood tones.

For the table tops that have deep grooves, wood filler is a must.  Just make sure you are using a fine grade of sand paper and take your time in getting the filler smooth and even.

Before table

Vintage table (2)

Since I LOVE color, I decided to chose paint colors that provided a dramatic effect.  These items can be used as accent pieces in your current decor.  A good design doesn’t mean you have to “match”.  Designer techniques include combining vintage with modern, white hues with splashes of bright colors, and much more.

Take a look at this cozy living room and see how the room “Pops” using re-purposed Vintage furniture.   Using Vintage to decorate

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