Vintage Depression Glass c1930’s

Depression Glass PinkDepression Candle Holders

During the Great Depression of the 1930’s, life for many consisted of difficulties and hardships.  Money was scarce and many had to do with less…. with a lot less.

During this time period, glass manufacturers such as Federal Glass, MacBeth-Evans, and Hocking Glass, made mass-produced molded glassware.  Although the glass itself was made with relatively poor quality ( produced with air bubbles and molded flaws), the styles were  beautiful with lively colors and patterns.  These glassware items were very affordable, they were sold for pennies or were free (used as a free promotional item with a purchased product).   The beauty of this type of glassware represented memories of the glamorous lifestyles of the 1920’s and the hopes for the better times of tomorrow.


Hobnail Pink Sherbet Dish


My Paternal Grandmother loved glassware and had an eye for “pretty” things.  I must have taken after her because Glassware is probably my favorite of antiques.  I love the color and detail.  Whenever I attend an Auction, I am immediately drawn to the glassware table.  It is always frustrating to see these beautiful items dumped in boxes – some broken or chipped – and often coated in dirt from years of being neglectfully stored in attics or basements.

So, the next time you visit an Antiques/Vintage shop, pay attention to the glassware displays.  These  pieces were so much more than use and functionality; it brought families hope of a better tomorrow.


Depression gold dessert plate

Iridescent Sandwich Plate





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