Ann Arbor Vintage Find – Pennsylvania House Cherry Furniture

Every Vintage find has a story to tell.  This is no exception.  My friend Mary Anne contacted me last week to see if I would be interested in purchasing her keepsake furniture.  I was leery at first because she said it had been sitting in their barn collecting “dust”.  As you can see, the furniture had aged quite a bit and was in okay condition.

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As a teenager, Mary Anne had spent months saving her babysitting money in order to purchase her first “grown up” bedroom furniture.  She chose a high quality Cherry wood piece made by Pennsylvania House.  These pieces traveled from house to house, from college to marriage,  from marriage to children, and to where they are today – overloaded with years of “stuff” stored in basements, barns and garages.

I wanted to give Mary Anne’s prized furniture a well deserved make over, so I decided to turn it into a show piece!  The wood quality is still superior to anything you can find new.  As with most Vintage pieces, the old American manufactured furniture will certainly outlast the next generation of “new”.

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