Antique Dresser – You pick the color!

I thought this would be a great way to allow YOU to vote on my next project.  This beautiful Antique Dresser was found stored (for many years), in a barn.  Unfortunately, it sustained some damage and discoloration.  So, it is time to bring new life into this piece and the BEST way to do this, is to let my faithful readers chose the “new” look.

The color chart is displayed below.  This is what you need to do…. Leave a  Comment on which color you would like for me to use.  The most votes for a particular color WINS!


The most exciting part?  I will create a VIDEO where you will be able to see the transformation from beginning to end.   Let me know if you have any questions as well.  We will be creating this together, so the more I know about what  you all would like to see, the better!  So let’s make this fun… remember, you can add color inside of the dresser too… Be creative!

Here are some BEFORE photos of this Antique Dresser…..


photo 3 (1) photo 2 (2) photo 1 (1)

9 Responses to “Antique Dresser – You pick the color!

  • Greek blue on the outside and cream on the inside (or) cream on the outside and Louis blue on the inside (or) cream on the outside and primer red on the inside. I’m terrible at picking colors!

    • Great color choices…. cream outside with red interior? So many choices….. can’t wait to see the end results of this informal survey!

  • Old White with Paloma around the trim and inside 🙂

  • I can’t read the color names on my phone….but I really like the red at the bottom with some kind of sassy yellow accent inside or maybe an orange…..I like things bright

    • Thank you Debby for your color selections. I LOVE color – all color. Red is probably my favorite, but I find any color I have used thus far has been a “favorite”. It will be exciting to see which color combination WINS!

  • French linen and old ochre with either one on the outside or inside. Both ways would look good depending on if you wanted your furniture light or dark.

    • Love the color combination! That’s what I love about painting – you can create anything! Thanks for posting!!

  • I love the Emperor’s silk, with accents of the chateau gray. You could follow the curly design on the front with the gray, just an outline. Beautiful pieces. Wish I had time and knowledge to do the same.

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