How to Paint Furniture – Classes Available in Chelsea Michigan at Vintage Barn Boutique

Painting furniture with Mineral Based Paint or Milk Paint is not new, and has been around for hundreds of years.  We have recently seen a renewed interest in using Chalk based paint  to customize furniture and home decor and the results are amazing.

Although there are videos available online on “How-To” paint furniture, there is very little available demonstrating the tricks of the trade in painting a showcase piece using different and specific techniques.  Not all painted furniture has to be shabby chic.  You can just as easily produce a quality fine furniture finish without distressing it.

Take a look at the Before and After photos to see how paint can improve the aesthetic appearance of an old piece of furniture:

VBB 542 VBB 556 VBB 554


Not all chalk based paints are alike and you have to be careful that you don’t pay too much for a Popular “Brand”.  You can spend a $200 for a starter kit (paint, waxes, brushes) only to discover  there is more to using Chalk based Painting than slapping color onto a piece of furniture.  Many times, the failure of your finished product is caused by the overuse of paste wax (if you use too much, the wax will not cure and your piece will be “gummy” when you touch it).  When you don’t apply enough wax, your finish will be uneven and will not withstand normal wear and tear.

At Vintage Barn Boutique, we use Country Chic Paint products, which are all natural and environmentally friendly products with no VOC.  Our paints are very smooth; which allows you to paint beautiful pictures on canvas too.  We use our own brand of Bees Wax to seal your finished painted piece, which also has zero odor. No need to worry about over applying  the wax; its application is fool-proof!

We offer two types of classes:  Painting 101 (Beginner’s class introducing Chalk based paint, waxes and how to create different types of painting styles – White/Color Wash, Dry Brush, 2-color distressing, wet sanding and more), and a 1-on-1 Class  (you bring in a small furniture piece and I will help you create a showcase piece by the end of the class).

Since there is a demand for weekend class times, please call Cathy at (734) 788-7100 to schedule your class today!  There is a $20 registration fee to reserve your space.  Painting 101 fees are $65/person – all materials will be provided.  1 on 1 classes are $125/person – you will need to bring a small table or other small item to paint (i.e. a side table) PLUS the cost of paint.  You will receive 1-on-1 instruction with Professional Artist, Cathy Melton.  Both classes are between 3 – 4 hours.

Call for your appointment today!

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Private Painting Parties Available!  (BYOB)

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