BEFORE and AFTER photos of 1970’s Furniture Cabinet

Love the 1970’s?  Absolutely!….Well, maybe not the furniture.

This 1970’s cabinet gained my attention in our local Thrift Store.  Size wise, it was perfect for my foyer.  Large enough for a lamp, but narrow enough not to get in the way of foot traffic.  One problem… it looked like it was from the 1970’s.

IMG_3542 IMG_3541 IMG_3536










Years of mistreatment and water damage had left this cabinet in the “ugly” category. I saw something totally different…I saw it’s potential to be a gorgeous French Country Cabinet; perfect for a much needed storage cabinet for my foyer.

Rarely is sanding a requirement when using Country Chic Paint; however, this piece required wood filler and sanding to remove the water damage “bubbles” in the original finish.  Once the original finish was removed,  there were gouges that needed filling/sanding/priming. The process itself was fairly quick, as the damage was limited to the top of the cabinet.

I chose the color, All-in-One Elegance and highlighted the edges using Vanilla Frosting with a dry brush technique.  I also finished the piece by using Natural Wax as a base and lightened the raised details with White Wax, giving this cabinet a much needed face lift! Enjoy the AFTER photos…..

Cabinet After

AFTER photo






Sand, Fill, Sand, Primer, Paint -!


Always paint the back of a furniture piece.


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