How to Paint Cabinets using Chalk Clay Based Paint – The Prep

before and after cabinet

BEFORE and AFTER using Country Chic Paint All-in-One Vanilla Frosting and Finished with a scratch resistant Tough Coat

The trick to painting cabinets (kitchen, bath or furniture) is to prep your project.  I recommend the first thing you do, is to take BEFORE photos!  You will appreciate your hard work and the transformation even more!

Step by Step Instruction for Preparing to paint:

  1. Clean it, using a Degreaser (Dawn Dish Detergent works well).  Wipe it down first with a damp cloth to get the gunk off.  Then, use Dawn Soapy towel to clean.  Immediately wipe dry (Remember water and wood do not mix, so make sure you dry the wood).
  2. Inspect each piece (cabinet doors, drawers, cabinet frame & trim).  Secure any piece that is loose.  Use wood filler to fill any gouges.  When using wood filler, make sure you allow filler to dry completely and then sand filler to make it level with wood.  I like using a sanding block; the best is a 220 grit or slightly coarser.  Use medium pressure when sanding.  Wipe away dust with damp/dry towel.
    November 2015 111

    Gouge requires wood filler

    November 2015 112

    Make sure to sand down wood filler even with wood

    November 2015 114

    One coat of KILZ to prevent bleed-throughs.

    The 1970’s Pine Cabinet Door above received very light sanding prior to painting.  Once in awhile, you will need to make sure any knots are intact and dry.  If there are any cracks in the knots, fill with wood filler and sand.  It is also a good idea to use KILZ over the knots to prevent bleed-through.   I used Country Chic Paint All-in-One Vanilla Frosting (2 light coats) and finished with Country Chic Paint’s Clear Tough Coat (2 coats).

  3. TEST the current finish of cabinet/furniture to determine if additional sanding is needed.  TEST using Acetone Nail Polish Remover.  Using a cotton ball with Acetone Remover, gently wipe piece in a hidden area of the wood.  IF the finish comes off, it is a water based product and NO ADDITIONAL sanding will be required.  IF the finish does NOT come off, then you know it is an Oil-Based Finish and you MUST remove this before proceeding with painting.  Most cabinets I have worked with has had a water based finish, allowing the Chalk & Clay Based Paints to adhere properly. Always, Always, Always TEST before painting.  (There is nothing more frustrating that spending time finishing a project only to see it peel away with use. )
    November 2015 151

    Acetone TEST would have shown sanding was required on this door front

    November 2015 153

    2 light coats of Country Chic Paint Liquorice Chalk Based Paint. Ready for Tough Coat Finish.

  4. Once you are finished preparing your project, then let the painting begin!
  5. Blog I AFTER 4

    Finished Project!

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