How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Using Chalk & Clay Based Paint – The Finish

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The Finish

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Almost done!  All you want to do is to get it done…. you can see the finish line, yet you feel as though the project will never end.  Take it from me; Type A Perfectionist…..Nothing is perfect.  Finish and let your project rest…

The Finish may require a few paint touch ups or maybe it will require one more additional coat(s) of Tough Coat. Once all cabinets are re-attached, I found applying a final coat  of Tough Coat to the Cabinet Door Fronts, provided the uniformity to make it look as though a Professional Painted your Cabinets.  Allow the final coat of Tough Coat to dry for 24 hours before adding the drawer pulls/door knobs.

It is also ok to take a 220 grit sand paper (block) and sand lightly over Tough Coat to get rid of any inconsistencies that may have happened during the painting/poly process.  Once you lightly sand out the imperfections, wipe down with a damp cloth.  Allow to dry before finishing it with a final coat of Tough Coat.  I have also found that dipping your sponge brush into water (squeezing out excess water) and then dipping it into the Tough Coat, allows an easier application of the Poly.

I will also use small pieces of painting tape to identify any imperfections that will need to be taken care of.  This will provide an easier way of finding the flaws.  Remember, everything is fixable.  If you find the paint has been marred or the paint coverage was incomplete or uneven, you can paint over the Poly as long as you lightly sand first.  Follow up with Tough Coat after allowing the paint to fully dry.

The great part about Country Chic Paint is, if you should ever have the need to repaint any part of the cabinet, the paint will match.  I had one of my upper cabinet doors fall while trying to re-attach it.  It crashed to the floor and scuffed the finish (it takes 24 hours for the Poly to dry and about one week to fully cure).  I did a light sanding on the area that was damaged, re-applied the paint and Tough Coat, and it was a perfect match!  This is probably one of my favorite reasons for using Chalk Based Paint for this type of project.  The repairs are easy to match.


Hopefully, you had taken my advice of taking a BEFORE photo prior to painting.  The transformation of the Before and After processes, are amazing.  There is nothing better than accomplishing your goal…Congratulations on a job well done!

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Laundry Room BEFORE -Always take a BEFORE photo

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The Painting

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The Finish

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Completed Project

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