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My challenge was to update the look of this Rental Home’s kitchen for less than $200.  Possible?  Yes.

Kitchen Challenge:  20 year old Builder Grade kitchen cabinets.  These kitchen cabinets were in average condition.  The upper cabinets were in better condition than the lower ones.  Years of hard living were evident when I did the initial assessment.  Dry wood, chips, gouges, pet chewed corners and normal kitchen dirt and grime.

STEP 1:  Clear EVERYTHING off from the counter tops!  The easiest thing to do at this point is to find a large bin/box and put everything into it….(except the coffee maker – Find a place for that!). Throw away as much clutter as possible.

STEP 2:  CLEAN!  Use a degreaser and clean off as much grease and grime from the cabinets as possible. I used Dawn Dishwashing Detergent and it worked great!  Let cabinets dry completely.  (Notice I didn’t say clean out the cupboards).  Since we were working in a tight space, I found the easiest thing to do was to leave everything in the cupboards.  As long as it doesn’t interfere with your project, leave it alone.

STEP 3: Determine available TIME.  Since I work full-time, I knew I had to break down the project into obtainable sections.  Left – Right, Top – Bottom.  Since the kitchen had a “U” shape,  I decided to begin with the Upper Cabinets along one wall.  Once one section of the Upper Cabinets were completed, I began working on the other wall of Upper Cabinets. Once the Uppers were done, I started the same process with the lower cabinets. My timing centered around the Christmas Holiday.  I started the week before Christmas and finished the week after Christmas.

Materials and CRITERIA:  My goal for this kitchen upgrade was to find a cost effective and simple way of transforming the space.  The materials used had to be Environmentally Friendly, Easy to Use and Easy Clean Up.  Since I have major sensitivity to paint fumes, I used Country Chic Paint product line of All-in-One Paints and their Clear Tough Coat.  To complete this project, I used the following Materials:

2 Pints of All-in-One Vanilla Frosting (Upper Cabinets)

2 Pints of All-in-One Pebble Beach (Lower Cabinets, kick plates)

2 Pints of Clear Tough Coat (protective scratch resistant finish)

1 Pint of KILZ (used only 1/2 of pint for cabinet door fronts with extremely dry wood)

Since I already had quality paint brushes, I only had to purchase 3 Wooster Sponge Brushes for the project.

Total Retail Cost:  $169.96



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